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Usually, I'm not much into doing crafts as I like the experience but hate having more junk lying around my house that I have to pick up.

However, I've realized I need to start doing some more activities with my 3-year-old and so I'm looking for simple craft ideas. I'm looking for crafts that are suitable for 3-year-olds, are easy to set up and clean up after and preferably can be completed in about 20-30 minutes (short attention span etc.)

I'm also looking for simple recipes/cooking activities I can do together with my son.

What types of activities do you moms out there like to do with your preschoolers? Any ideas (and links etc.) would be really helpful. Thank you!
there is a craft shop in mongkok that sells "bags of crafts" as in everything you need for the craft (minus the glue) is included. each bag is $10! they also have some cardboard foldable cars (upstairs and you may have to ask for them), white hats, sunvisors etc that you can decorate!

it's called CRAFT SUPPLIES STORE (really imaginative, i know!) and is on Sai Yee Street opposite the KCR/mongkok mtr station.
Awesome, carang! It's funny you would be the first to answer this as I automatically thought of you when I posted it but figured I wouldn't bother you at this time because I know you are super duper busy right now. I will try to go to Mong Kok and get some supplies. Thanks!
forgot to say, my two kids love the above but also:

-paper mache (get the simple recipe from the internet)
-making their own no-bake play dough
-making "no bake chocolate macaroon cookies"
-finger painting
-"painting" the bathroom walls with shaving cream
-mixing a little paint with shaving cream and painting a picture


there are LOADS of ideas on the internet...
What a great list of ideas for crafting.

Science kits are fun to even if mixing things to create other things.
Treasure hunt. I use oatmeals and put mini plastic animals or insects.

I like to make food with my kids. Then they get to try what they make and it's fun for them. I have a 3 and a 5.
Mixing ice pop with crushed fruits and juice. For hot summer days.
Pancake mix and have them pour and mix the ingredients. Have a yummy breakfast!
Make fruit smoothies.
Making mini bagel pizza. Or you can use regular sliced bread and cut the corners off to form a circle.