Cotton padded underpants for potty training


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I wondered if anyone has come across washable cotton underpants that have built in padding? Ideal for when you are potty training and want to move out of pull-ups but aren't quite ready to take a chance on regular underpants fulltime yet when out and about. My friend showed me a pair she bought in Australia this summer and I'd love to find out where to get them if they are in Hong Kong.


I'm also interested to know if they are available in HK. The closest thing I found so far have been undies with a plastic liner sandwiched between terry cloth at Mothercare.
I have some Kooshies training pants. They are cotton and thick but have a kind of plastic outside to stop leakage. I bought them at Bumps to Babes. They were quite expensive but if you want I will sell them to you for $50. One pair has never been used. The other pair was used twice think. They have a girly flowery pattern on the outside. Leave your email if you're interested