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My period is only just overdue, but I've taken two home pregnancy tests the past few days and one again today. All have given me a positive reading. Therefore, I think I am pregnant!

My question is, I have seen a doctor here in Hong Kong before (just regular GP visit non pregnancy related) - can I just go and see this doctor first of all to confirm I am pregnant, or should I look into seeing a gyno/ob straight up? I've done a bit of reading on this forum and are considering Dr Sally Ferguson. So should I see my usual GP or Dr Ferguson to confirm my pregnancy? What do the doctors do at the first visit to confirm? Can they tell you how far along you are?

Go to Dr. Sally. The first visit she'll sit you down and ask you when your last period was and calcuate your expected due date. If you are only a few weeks pregnant, they may not scan you at all, but it depends on your OB GYN's regular practice. You will then be given Folic Acid and Multivitamins to take...she may also want to know your old records, things like your last PAP smear, etc.
second the going to the obgyn. go when you're more than past 2 weeks due, then maybe she can give you an ultrasound scan. then she'll talk to you more about how being pregnant is going to change your body & then you can ask her more questions that you may have (meanwhile, write down whatever questions pop into your mind, so that you won't forget when you're in the clinic. being there at the clinic will make u forget any questions you might have!)


I would wait until you're 7 weeks before visiting Dr Ferguson. By then you should be able to hear a heartbeat. You can use the calendar on Baby Center to determine how far along you are.

Also get a bottle of Folic Acid from your nearest pharmacy and take 1/day.

Congratulations again!!!
7 weeks = 3 weeks past your last period...
just in case you weren't sure...

congrats and good luck!
Hi all, I am in a very similar situation as Ducky. I just found out that I am pregnant much to my surprise and I am already 8 wks. I have been to my GP and will see an OB/GYN this week. In the meantime, can I continue taking just regular multi-vitamins or do I need special vitamins from the doctor?