Choosing a Pre-School


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So confuse on how to start looking for a Pre-school. There are no books in bookstore that can be some sort of guides. What does everyone do? Get recommendations from other parents? I'm based in Mid-Levels.

When do you have to put your name down for a Pre-school? And how do you know whether one Pre-scholl is better than another one for your child?
Eugene group sells a magazine about choosing a pre-school - but it's in Chinese. Sorry, that's the only one I know of. If you can't read it, maybe a friend can help you translate it?
Not sure what type of preschool you are looking for. I have sent both my kids to Cannan on Caine Road. They mainly speak in Cantonese however they will converse in English with the child if they can not understand. They are small and really give each child alot of attention. Lots of hugs and cuddles! Presently they have a few students with my daughter who speak English at home (just like my daughter).
beckymaky, I was told by Cannan that they conduct 1 out of hours of classes in English everyday?! Could you tell me how much mandarin your daughter gets as well? Thanks!
They get Mandarin for an hour on a few days. I like the school as I feel they can cope with all lanaguages and again mainly because they have a real love for children. They do not belong to the "eilte" group of local kindergartens but is that what one is looking for when enrolling a 2year old! My daugter now goes to a "top" local kindergarten in the afternoon but after a month I enrolled her back in Cannan for the mornings so that she gets that personal attention and affection. The pm kindergraten teaches her the discipline/respect and also will reinforce her Cantonese as they will not speak to her in English. As soon as her younger brother turned 2 he was packed off to Cannan and absolutley loves it aswell.

Wasn't Canaan the kindie group that was on the front page of every newspaper a couple of years ago using really cheeky tactics to over accept as many students as they can manage? eg driving the kids round and round the block in school buses while the EMB officers went for inspection? I may be wrong, but I think it was Canaan. In any case though, maybe they have changed to the better.
I am not sure what incident you are referring to.
All I can say is that my experience has been and is good.
Friends on the Kowloon side have also had good experienece. We never even talked about which school they were going to until after they had enrolled and we were sharing our experiences imagine our surprise when we realised it was the same Kindergarten.
Maybe that happened before you arrived in Hong Kong. But in any case, it's good to hear your positive experience with the school.