Chinese toddler activities?


Can anyone suggest any Chinese (cantonese) toddler activities/playgroups?

I am Canadian Chinese and have been speaking Cantonese to my 22 month daughter since birth. But my Cantonese isn't that great and it's quite an effort for me. I would like to sign her up at some Chinese-speaking toddler activities or playgroups but my problem is that I can't find out about them since I don't read Chinese.

Can anyone suggest anything? I'll try the YWCA to start with since they have a Chinese section but they don't seem to offer anything for under 3 years.
My 13month old baby girl is going to start her first playgroup this month in a local NGO named Heep Hong Society, they have different centre locations and their playgroups are running by registered occupational and physical therapists. I don't know how it is yet but I heard good things about it from local mums and their fee is relatively cheaper than others as they are NGO. It also depends on what kind of playgroup do you wish to join tho.
Hi, I have two kids. My youngest is 15months. Cannon Kindergarten and Society Of Genesis(Shatin/CB) have playgroups conducted in Chinese. I used to go to Society Of Genesis which is very good but found it hard for my son to keep his eyes open as the classes are at 11am-12:00pm on weekdays which is when he sleeps and has lunch. However highly recommended. BTW do you moms want to meetup kinda like a playgroup for our kids to have some fun? If so, pls PM me.
Sounds like your 22 month will be ready for Kingergarten 1 in the fall, so you may also want to send an application, like, now. You can find a complete list here: ????? Kindergartens Profile. You can search by location. My currently 20 month old son will be attending Wisely Kindergarten on Caine Road in August. They are mainly in Cantonese, which some teaching in English and Mandarin a couple of times a week. Good luck!