Childcare Options?


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I've got the chance of going back to work. I don't know if that's what I want to do, as LO isn't yet 1.

I've had a search for options on the forums, but the most recent time this was asked seems to have been a few years back (apologies if I've not searched thoroughly).

In HK is my only real option to employ a helper/nanny? If I was back in the UK I would have the possibility of a day nursery or childminder (who works at her house and looks after more than one). Any recommendations/ideas gratefully received.

It's not your only option, but it's the most economical.
You can hire a live-out nanny, but they don't come cheap. Bottom line is $50/hour.

I guess the insurance is a nightmare for someone interested in setting up a day care centre. All that exist at the moment are those for low-income families.

Good luck.
we've recently calculated that our qualified NZ nanny (live-out) is cheaper than day-care in the UK for our 3 kids!!
I returned to work when my babe was 6 mths old, and after assessing different options, hired a UK qualified nanny. There are no child care centres from what I could gather, which leaves you with two options i.e. hire a helper or hire a qualified nanny. There is a vast cost differential between the two, so the choice is both personal and financial. There are some local and overseas agencies that can help with your search for a qualified nanny.