Changing a 1 year olds diaper!


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My otherwise very well behaved one year old has become a nightmare when it comes to changing his diaper. We literally have to do it with him standing up which can get kind of risky at certain times of the day if you know what I mean! Giving him things to hold and play with just won't cut it anymore as he knows what we are up to.

Is anyone else going or has anyone gone through this? Please tell me that it will pass in a month or so! It's been going on for 4 or 5 weeks now. It was hard before but you could distract him. Now it's a fight every time.
try pull ups. we only use them when we go out as they are more expensive. BUT they are soooooo much easier!!! that way, you can just bend child over your lap and away you go!
we have to co-erce her. we line up all her favorite toys on the floor with a mat saving the middle space for her, pretending that they are changing their diapers too. we actually put the diapers on (she uses pull-ups) her toys.
I'm with carang on this one. Pull ups have been our saviour when it comes to changing toddlers. Yes they are much more expensive,but when you weigh this against the hassle and time spent on changing a conventional nappy, then it is worth it.
My son was the same. While pull-ups are really easy to put on it was getting the nappy off without creating a mess that was the hardest part! For a while the only way was to put him on his tummy until he was wiped down. Easier to pin him down (hope that doesn't sound too terrible!) He still has his moments but, at 19 months, is usually a little more compliant.
Yes, having the same nightmare with my 18-month old (his fave joke at the moment, is to kick you...I'm pregnant too, it's not fun!).

What I have started to do is on the times when he lays there still (usually when he's knackered or I've let him play with something he's not normally allowed to, like my watch), I praise him and thank him and generally make a big fuss of the fact that he was such a good boy for laying still while mummy changed him.

I refuse to chase him about the room (being pregnant, chasing is kinda out the window), and I guess he'll eventually learn that if he lays still it's a much quicker process for everyone!

really STUPID question. how do you wipe their bottoms and inbetween (for girls) when changing them whilst standing up? and my fear of pull ups, is if they have a poo - won't it rub down on her leg as i'm pulling them off?
you can rip pull ups along the seams, then you dont' get poo everywhere...also much faster to remove! to clean her, you do the same as you will when she's potty training. you crouch down and then have the child lean over your leg/knee. then you can clean easily enough.
ha ha, this is hilarious. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one going through this. Fee I totally know what you mean when you say you have to pin your child down. It sounds worse than it is but sometimes it's the only thing to do! I wish I could explain to a 1 year old that the diaper changing would go so much faster if he just chilled out and lied back for awhile! Yeah right.

Today I bought the pull ups some of you recommended so here's hoping that makes it easier. Up until now there's been a lot of upright nappy changes which thankfully haven't been too messy. I'm just glad he'd reached the 'solids' phase if you know what i mean before all this kicked in.

And me too, I'm 6 months pregnant and the last thing I need to be doing is fighting with a 1 year old every nappy change. My back is aching enough already from picking him up, putting him into his cot etc. Ouch.
singing & books

From the time my kids were very small, I would sing a song and hand them a book to look at while we did the change. So, it seemed to entertain them and we rarely had struggles. The book habit was good in that it also helped them keep calm when sitting on the potty for poos.

The song was something I made up called "It's nappy time" sung to the tune of "It's Supper Time" from the musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown".

Downside - my kids (primary school students) now take books into the toilet w/ them and spend quite a bit of time reading and we sometimes have to ask them to stop reading and get out, other people need to use it too. :)
Use pull-ups and problem would be solved in an instant. I get my daughter to prop her leg, one at a time, on my knee, to clean between thigh folds. I dare say it is a phase and when your child begins to understand what nappy changing entails, he would lie down dutifully to get his nappy changed. Otherwise you may wish to time his nappy-changing when you give him his bottle ie when he is ying down nicely. My daughter outgrows her pull-ups at abt 16 months (after using pull-ups for 3 or so mths). Now she knows she is supposed to lie down when I show her a new nappy. I reserve pull-ups for when we are out and there is no place to change her. So much cheaper to use the side-tape types, I reckon.
OMG! I was just complaining to my mom how hard it was to change my 5 month old! Are you guys saying this would go worse?
yup, my son now lies down dutifully to have a nappy change. as a matter of fact, he prefers the old style to the pull ups. i think because he likens the pull ups to underwear and since new baby has arrived, the potty training has fallen by the wayside.

we too only use pull ups now to go out.

ELT....5 months... enjoy it, it won't last much longer, once they're mobile, they realise that there is so much more of hte world to see and they don't usually want to sit still for something like a nappy change, they'd rather be out exploring!