Calling Repulse Bay Mums


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Anyone want to meet up to walk down the sea promenade? I try and go every morning between 8.30-9am

Could meet you at the entrance of 101/109 Repulse Bay - it does involve some very dodgy road crossings!

I am still unsure how to communicate privately with people to give mobile number etc.

Be great to walk and chat - I dont get much response from my 1 year old - The sea air often puts him straight to sleep!!

See ya!
Hi Shahira

I'm up at Parkview, so not far from Repulse Bay. I have a 10-mth-old boy.

Unfortunately, 8.30-9.00am is not a good time for us as Theodore goes down for his nap at about 8.30 to 9ish (and won't sleep in his stroller).

But I'd love to meet some other time. Perhaps at Pacific Coffee at The Repulse Bay Arcade?

Good times for us are midday to 1.30 (as long as Pacific Coffee have highchairs then I can give Theodore his lunch there). Or later afternoon, like 3.30-5pm.

Let me know if anything suits and if you're interested...

Hey Honkyblues

Pacific Coffee Repulse Bay doesn't have highchairs unfortuantly. The only one I've found that does on the sth side is at Stanley.

I'll PM you regarding your message a few days ago

I dont get how to PM but would love to meet you two! I am hapy to meet in Stanley. Keen to explore Tai Tam if you are up for it!
worked out how to reply to PMs now. (Oh dear,I used to work in comms so what has happened to me!!) so please do PM me.

Would love to meet up with you