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I have a 26 month old and one due in September. I am considering my stroller options. Our current stroller just isn't practical for Hong Kong - its too big, bulky etc for taxis, malls and for me to carry on my own with both kids.

So I am thinking about buying a new stroller and using a buggy board for the older child or buying a 2 seater stroller.

Has anyone used a buggy board? What age can you expect a child to stand on the buggy board?

My 2.5 yr old stands on it for periods of time, but unless the ground is very flat I find the buggy board quite awkward e.g. crossing roads feels pretty unsafe. When my husband and I are together or at places like Disney, it is handy though.

We got a buggy board 6 months ago when my second arrived and my eldest was 2.5 and we really like it. My eldest can hop on and off easily so its ideal for days out and about where your child can run around. My child is happy to stand on it for long periods of time and was happy to swap the stroller seat for the buggy board.
Although any extra buggy attachments are a pain they are quick to take on and off when folding the buggy. I find footpaths etc ok - my child is now used to the board and it just rolls along with the buggy up footpaths etc. I live on the southside so its not such an issue as maybe in central.
On the negative side if someone really tall is pushing the buggy then they may find not enough room for their legs to stride (6ft +). Also if you don't want your child free to roam or if your child needs to nap then a double buggy may work better.