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I am a Trinidadian citizen and my Fianc? is a mainland Chinese, we live in Shenzhen. We are going to born our son in a private hospital in HK. We are confused about a few things.

1. Our sons will have a chinese first & last name and a Spanish middle name. Is that possible on HK birth certificate? Example ?? Santiago?.

2. Do we need to get our baby their HkID and passport before applying a permit to return to mainland? Are they two separate processes? How long will we have to stay in HK while getting the HKID/passport and then mainland Return permit?

3. On mainland Chinese permit, can we just put our sons 3 characters and leave out the Spanish middle name?

Thank you. All responses will be appreciated.
Congratulations on your baby!

I keep meeting Trinis. Quite a few in HK.

1. Hong Kong birth certificates don't have a space for Middle Names. There's only 1 line and you can add the Middle name there. Here's a sample of what the BC looks like

Am not 100% sure if they'll include both Chinese/English on the certificate.

Here's an article on how to apply for Birth Certificate

Registering Baby?s Birth - Hong Kong GeoBaby

2. Once you receive your HK Birth certificate you can apply for your baby's passport.

Info on how to apply for a passport

Processing can take 2-3 weeks.