Best Baby Shop In Hong Kong ??!!


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hi all..
hope u can help me with this.
i'm going to hk in may..
4 days trip..
please let me know where i can find maclaren strollers, great choices and prices.
we plan to travel light and carry the kids (2) using both ergo carrier..
and get one maclaren (i'm really wanting the new maclaren spitfire) to bring to our following day trip to disneyland..
we'll be staying at dorsett far east hotel..
let me know also of the best places to shop for baby clothes!
thanks in advance!!:cool:
Hi Jelita

If you are looking for kid clothes that are of good quality, nice design and good price, I am afraid you can only find them in the mall in residential area and not the tourists shopping area.

I assume you are from Malaysia and welcome and enjoy your trip. I am from singapore.
Baby clothes --I greatly recommend a trip down to Stanley Market. Wide range of kid clothes (most are export overruns, e.g. Baby Gap, OshKosh, Jacadi, Next, Carter's, etc.) at very good prices. Much cheaper than buying from stores in the malls.
Lee Gardens Two in Causeway Bay
Harbourcity in Tsim Sha Tsui
You can find maclaren strollers there.
BTW at Hong Kong Disneyland, they have strollers you can borrow whilst you are there so don't rush if you are thinking of buying one especially to use that day. Then you will have couple more days to look around for a Maclaren to take back to Malaysia...
oh fabulous!
thanks so much littlemi for the info..
so i'll just bring stroller liners, cupholders, stroller bag clips and perhaps bring the buggy board too then for ds1 to stand..
do u know what type of strollers available at disneyland?
i thought so we might not be able to hunt for strollers on 1st day coz we may be very busy trying to find some halal restaurants and hopefully they will near the hotel..
was about tom email hongkong disneyland to confirm on the stroller services..
They are just basic 3-wheeler strollers with a canopy and basket underneath to put all your stuff ( not sure if you can attach cup holder ). It can recline flat for child to sleep etc...

Not sure if you can attach buggy board but you can borrow two if needed. Basically you just wheel it around, leave it at the side of rides you want to go on and collect it again when you get off ( your name is written on a piece of paper on stroller )

They are not the best strollers to move around but it does the job.