Bed rail guards for single bed


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My DD is 2 and I have another baby on the way next month. We bought her a single bed frame and will transition her when it arrives in a few days. I was hoping to buy those bed rail guards but just realized that because I bought a bed frame, they won't work as they only work on spring boxes.

Any advise? I can put a foldable mattress on the floor but I really prefer a rail guard.

I am not sure of the difference between the 2 types of beds but I bought a bed rail from Bumps to Babes about 2 years ago. It just slots between the mattress and the bed base.
i bought one for my babies 'convertible' bed, we tried it but not sturdy at all. also the type that goes underneath the mattress.

is that because we are still on 'baby mattress' designed for cot, so it's not heavy enought?