Barney musical is on sale


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Hi mommies, tickets are now on sale at HK Ticketing. Dont forget to quote your Star Card number (ie Toys R US) to get discounts.
Have just been on the website to look at tickets....according to the website (and an e-mail I sent to customer services) children of any age need a ticket.....which means buying a ticket for my 15 mnth old.

Is this normal practice for these kind of live shows?
i would have considered taking both of my kids (3yr & 1 yr) but that policy has put me completely off. there's no way on god's green earth I am going to pay $395 for 4 tickets! yikes, that's a weekend in bangkok for mummy! (not that she ever goes!)
I know, it's ridiculous right? From the seating plan I worked out that the only way my son will see anything is if we buy the most expensive, or 2nd most expensive tickets....which is at least $395 a ticket....which is reasonable if only adults need a ticket but to pay $395 for a 15 mnth old seems a bit steep......!

Will have to think about it.
i totally agree w bekyboo44 & carang. juz too ridiculous to pay entrance fee for the toddler as well. I recalled watching Barney Musical Castle in Singapore and i didnt hv to pay for my 18mth toddler then. We only paid for 2 ticktets (me & my hubby). will give it a miss this time