Back Pain


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I never hear anyone talking about this... But my back has been killing me lately. It really hurts. I`m early 30`s but I feel like I`ve aged tremendously with having this baby, though he`s only 11 weeks old. And only my first - now I`m worried to have more!
It`s the worst when I`ve been sleeping and have to get up. I feel like my bones are old and brittle and stiff. I`m trying to bend properly, but I feel like everything is on the floor - not just my little one, but plugging things in and out, cleaning up, laundry, etc.
Is it just me, or do others experience this kind of pain since having a baby? And what to do about it??
it's prolly a core problem. how did you give birth? are you getting enough sleep and eating enough?

if you delivered naturally, then it will take some time as giving birth naturally means your pelvic floor needs strengthening again. obviously bend with your knees, and do pelvic floor exercises. exercises to help with the core like pilates are also beneficial.

if the pain still persists, i would suggest seeing your GP and perhaps trying physio therapy.
I got back pain too the few months after my baby's birth... not sure what it was, muscles, or bones moving back to their previous shape...
When it started to go down my legs, I went to see an osteopath and he told me my back muscles were so tense that they could not do their job at all, and everything was painful. He helped me releasing them, and since it's much better.
I also try to get a massage once a month.
Just don't wait too long, there is a lot of chance it won't stop by itself ;)
Good luck !
southside852 - I had a c-section. No, for sure I am not getting enough sleep. If I could get a few nights rest uninterrupted, I wonder if I would feel better... But I am eating very well, always have since he was born, luckily. I BF so I`m very conscious of that.

Frenchy - yeah, it`s also in my legs too. I should stretch and do yoga or something but when the baby is sleeping I`m pretty much running around trying to do stuff (or posting on Geobaby, hehe).

Massage sounds wonderful, but I`m afraid to part with all that money here in HK - does anyone have any recommendations for us lower end HK dwellers?
Also, I will go to see a doctor if it doesn`t get better soon. GP or osteopath? Any recommendations? I live in NT near Kowloon if it makes a difference.
Thanks, time to bend over and get my baby again:)
could it be due to the posture of BF?

I had the pain on my back and shoulder few days after my daughter was borned. (natural delivery without epidural). I think it could be due to the bad posture of BF as I bend down a lot and kept watching her drinking.

Since then, I bought a nursing pillow (my brest friend pillow) for BF. I could feel a huge different using a regular pillow and nursing pillow. Later, I kept recommending my BF friends about it.

The pain stopped after few days using the pillow. Therefore, I concluded (only my case) my pain was due to the bad posture.

I`m lazy about using a BF pillow. I have one - a minimoto -but I don`t like it for BFing, and I have been too cheap to go out and buy a good one. I know my posture is bad bc of that, and always looking down at my baby but my pain is more in the lower back. It`s also in my joints. When I`m down on the floor and I get up I feel it in my knees, hips and back also.
But I will use my pillow more just to see if it can make a difference.
yikes, perhaps you should get a referral from your GP to go to a physiotherapist who can perhaps better diagnose your symptons.