Baby sleeps but I can't!


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Hi everyone,
Has anyone experienced this? My 5months old sleeps well most nights but somehow I can't seem to shut down and sleep when he does. Yes we know when baby sleep the mother should sleep, I haven't slept well since he was a newborn and even now? If anyone out there experienced this I really would love some advice.
I think it is really hard to keep the baby's timings though we are advised to. Especially when you are overtired, winding down is hard... just as it is for babies. You could try to do the usual things to promote sleep - maybe meditative exercises?
Me too . So odd. Baby sleeps through the night, I lie awake. Not even anxious about anything in particular, but sleep hasn't been the same since bb was born. I am going to try acupuncture I think.
Hi charade, yes it's so hard to sleep after the baby. I am definitely over tired most times...
Hubby sent me to a massage last week which was relaxing but still not sleeping like I use to.
Hi wilkette, which accupunture are you going to? If you've been, please share your experience if you don't mind!
I used to go to health wise at 1 lyndhurst terrace on 13 floor. Dr hui. Haven't been in a few months but I thought he was gr??t. There is another specialist there who I think focuses on fertility especially and is more expensive .