Baby Massage and Oil


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I started to give my baby massages recently but then I stopped when I read not to give them a massage with baby oil or other petrololeum products. I have searched on many sites to find out what to use, but they all have different ideas, sometimes conflicting. And I don`t really want to spend 175 rmb on Avent`s baby massage oil. I read grapeseed oil is good, any vegetable oil (but I don`t want to buy a huge bottle since I only use olive oil for cooking).
Do you give your baby a massage and what kind of oil do you use?
Do you use baby oil at all? The hospital used it after each bath but I read not to use it on babies at all.
I agree you shouldn't use petroleum based products, I also avoid products with parabens and sodium laurel sulphate. I initially bought a organic baby massage oil but now I just use a baby moisturiser to massage. I've never used baby oil.
Grapeseed oil or olive oil are great. Olive oil is great for cradle cap too. The only advantage to grapeseed oil is it has no smell.
I used baby oil before I realized the disadvantages. Then I switched to try out olive oil, grapeseed oil, etc. I found that they worked pretty well when it was very dry back in the winter, but seem too thick for this type of weather. A friend of mine has studied for certified aromatherapist suggested me to use sweet almond oil or apricot / peach kernel, since they are more gentle to baby's skin.
I swear by organic pharmacy's baby massage oil. Actually there are a lot of good organic brands out there these days, at quite accessible prices available at Watsons etc.
I bought grapeseed oil today, but when it wasn`t a good time to massage my son today - he put up a fuss:)
Good call about the weather - where can I buy almond oil, or apricot/peach kernal (what`s this?) ?
Any edible can just use an organic olive oil...I've seen some at Organic Baby on Lyndhurst terrace in Central.