Baby & Kids toys for sale


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Not sure where abouts to post this ad.!

My friends and I are having a one off sale of most of our baby and kids toys and items, clothing etc. They have all been well looked after.
The prices will be on each item.

Some items include door bouncer, baby gates, baby bath, play kitchen, puzzles and lots more.
There will also be some clothes for sale.

The sale will be in Clearwater Bay, Ha Yeung Village number 77 on Sunday 27th April from 10 am til 12ish.

Could I ask what type of kitchen it is and would you be willing to hold it for me if I was interested?
Sounds exciting! We will be there next Sunday! Specially interested in the play kitchen!! Do we pay in cash for whatever we buy? Thanks for posting the ad :flower:
i might be interested in buying a lot of it for my playgroup...only problem is that i've just had surgery and don't know if i'll be driving by then..

ps> i lived in ha yeung in 1995, back when it was a small village. house 92, if i remember correctly....
sorry for the late reply.
You can pay cash for the items. I think the kitchen may have already gone, a friend came around yesterday and said she would have it and will let me know today. If not then instead of messing people around I will just sell on the morning of the sale at 10am.
Another friend will join and she will be selling lots of baby girl clothes, books etc. It should be a big sale as I am advertising in Park and Shop, Wellcome etc tomorrow. The advert is also on Asia Xpat.
Look forward to seeing you all.
If the weather is bad then we will hold it inside of 77 Ha Yeung Village.
Just a reminder that the baby and kids toys, games, books, clothes will be on sale from 10am on Sunday 27th April, the weather forecast shows rain - if it does rain then we will hold the sale indoors at 77 Ha Yeung Village.
Hope to see you then.