baby gates recommendations


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we have a 10mth old and i'd like to start installing baby gates. problem is, we have plenty of stairs, 2 flights of stairs, going in between Ground and 1st, 1st and 2nd floors. with different setup and sizes, i'm sure this will be a challeage.

we have plenty of help around, at least one adult (sometimes 2) keeping an eye on the baby. my MIL asked me casually if i really think we need gates, with adults constantly around (she lives with us and also looks after the baby). the baby is not walking yet, just crawling and it's difficult crawling around with her already, i think it's going to be tougher when she starts crusing on her feet. so i'd like to baby proof it all, better be safe than sorry.

what are your thoughts? do you put gates at stairs? kitchen entrances?
if so, any recommendations on good, easy to install gates i can get in HK?

with stairs, i will definitely get gates since you just never know what your bb is capable of doing even with 2 adults around. i am not familar with gate brands in HK, but i saw that BB R Us carries some. get the "pressue" gate type for the kitchen and hallways so u don't need to drill the wall. but you might need to mount (with screw) the gates that are used for the stairs tho.