Baby and mother group


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Hello my baby is 7 weeks now and I am looking for a baby and mother group in Central. Any suggestions? Many :thanks
Moms' Get-together

I am a mother of an 8 weeks old girl. How do I join the lll group? Does anyone interested in getting together for a coffee/tea around the mid-levels?
Hi there,
I would be interested in getting together for tea/ coffee in the midlevels- I have a 13 week old baby . I'll send you a private message with my phone number.

Also, I'm not sure what lll group is being referred to at Annerly, but I do attend the mother/ baby meetings on Tuesday mornings- the meetings don't have a specific focus, but sometimes a midwife will present some info on a topic, such as settling baby or teething. It's also a chance to get your baby weighed and measured and to ask questions of other moms or the midwives. Each visit costs $150. Afterwards, some of the moms & babies go for lunch too.
Hi Rani, where is the Matilda Mother/Baby group? I would love to join. What time does it start and who can I contact? Thanks a bunch.
hi alibali,

i have a 15 weeks old son, living in mid-levels too.
want to catch up for coffee this week? pm me if u are interested.

lieny, u want to meet with your daughter this wk?