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Does anyone know where I can buy things like magnets, stick on eyes, thick cardboard (the carton variety) and other such odds and ends for art projects for kids ?

artland in wanchai, Lockhart road. 2511 4845

If you have time, go to shamshui po, around nam cheong street. the whole area sells fabric and material. They have so much that you need almost 2-3 hours to walk around. You don't have to buy in bulk. sequences, embroideries, ribbons, strings, ropes, yarns, million types of fabric,( you can take the samples), foam pieces, stick on eyes, buttons, laces, feathers, beads. explore every street and every shops. It is better than the artshop. a lot of school teachers go there too, besides designers and merchandisers.
Hi! If you want something on HK Island,
there is an art supply store called "Artland."
It is located in Lockhart Center (3rd Floor),
on the border of Wanchai and Causeway Bay.

The store has a wide selection of art supplies
and craft supplies. My guess is that the store
is approx 1500-2000 sq ft including a small
gallery. Lots of good quality stuff---imported
brands and local ones too. Hope this helps!

PS: Sham Shui Po is lots of fun!
Thanks hkmommy and maya. Must check out Sham Shui Po. Just that it's so vast and the roads are so confusing !