Anyone know where I can buy an "ear band" like this?


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I'm wanting to buy something like this: - my daughter just had grommets put in and now needs ear plugs for swimming and bathing. Problem is the ear plugs are NOT staying in - I've tried a few different kinds and they all fall out. A friend overseas recommended this to help but I've never seen it in Hong Kong. Can anyone help? If not, I guess I'll have to order from overseas (but would rather be able to get it in a day or two...)
what a great idea! i've never seen or heard of them before, so i can't help, but just wanted to say, thanks for posting a link!

my son used to get ear infections all the time... he's been infection free for about 3 years now, though...that would have been perfect when he was younger!
Sorry, the link isn't opening for me, so I can't see the exact product... just wondered if a stretchy hairband would work instead? Or even a latex swim cap pulled low over the ears (or cut a latex swim cap so it's just a band)?
The link isn't opening for me now either. Here's another link:

It seems to be wetsuit-like material in a band, but specifically shaped to go more over the ears. It has an adjustable velcro band. I guess I could try using a stretchy headband first and see if that works - if nothing else, it might stop her from pulling the earplugs out... thanks for the ideas! I could use a cut swim cap, but not a full cap as I need it for the bath for hair-washing as well...