Any singaporean mommies wanna meet up or chit chat?


Dear all,i'm frm singapore and my bb girl's 5.5 months old now.I'm been living in hkg for 13 yrs now and still finds it radiant and colourful :) loved to share ur experiences here too
Any mommies wanna meet up or chit chat at msn?weishy@hotmail,add mee :P
Hi there, I am a singaporean too. Here in HK 10 yrs. Have you sent you a pm. Cheers.

Let's meet up!

I've been in HK for two years, and my baby is 2 months old. I would love to meet up with other Singapore mommies to share parenting tips.
Singaporean too and have been in HK for 5 years already.
Have 2 girls aged 3 yr old and another 1 month old.

Geo, do you want to fix up something for all to meet? Hopefully the venue is not too far as I am still struggling with breastfeeding (causeway bay preferred). Weekday mornings work best for me.
Hey all! Singaporean mum here..with a 4.5 month baby boy whom I've just brought over a couple of weeks ago. Shall we arrange for coffee next week?
wow wow
didnt know got so many sporean mommies here in this forum. My baby is 4.5mths old as well...yah let's organise smtg...i'm in Kowloon station, there's a Starbucks at Elements dats not too crowded...and it's jus one stop away from Hong Kong station of the Tung Chung line. All SAHMs?
Hi! Im so glad I found tis post. I a SAHM, just moved here about 2 months ago. My baby is 13 weeks. I 'm at south side though...
sorry hit the post button too fast :P
central or causeway bay is fine with me..actually that's because i have not ventured anywhere else :( and m struggling with breastfeeding with a fussy baby.
wow this is exciting! Why don't we meet at Central? Say Starbucks at IFC mall? They have pretty clean baby change area there too. I'm a SAHM so any weekday would be fine :)
yah can understand..I BF my gal for 4mths now, we can meet to share tips! Actually Kowloon station is jus one stop away from IFC and Starbucks here less crowded...tot it'll be better for a 13week old baby. I'm fine with going to IFC though! :)

do u mind coming over to Kowloon? Otherwise I'm fine with IFC. But jus tot Starbucks in IFC quite crowded during lunchtime. Elements mall got very nice diaper rooms and BF rooms as well! :) when shall we meet up?

Ru back in HK oredi? :)

Let's put up a mailing list so we can organize smtg properly? Can everyone email me [email protected]? I'll compile and send smtg out soon! :)
this is so exciting, cant wait to hv coffee with everyone. Weekday am is good for me too.

Lynnie, Arwen, pixelelf, fernnho, Geo(& all other mummies), shall we meet at IFC starbuck or Pacific Coffee next wed am for breakfast?

hear fr u soon!

breakfast ah? maybe brunch? Cos 8-9am is usually the time my gal wakes up and bath time. Maybe 10-ish or 11am would be good. Set a date?
Sorry to disappoint but I will not be joining the coffee break at IFC.. it may sound silly but the distance is just too far for me to bring my 1 month old.. (I have yet to wander out of the house with her except to the doc for ck up). The thot of all the travelling and breastfeeding is just too stressful.

But if anyone of you is up for early morning (i.e 9-10am)coffee/breakfast in Causeway Bay, do give me a shout. I need to be early as I have to attend to my elder daughter who returns from nursery at 11.30am.
no worries. I can understand. When my gal was 1mth I hardly step out of the house too. Even now not so much cos I hv a cranky baby! Maybe when she's older u can join us! Cos I'm not brave enough yet to venture to causeway bay with my bb too! Hehe...but maybe some other mommies can? We all need good support here. But can I ask what time u start ur day? Ur elder one return from nursery at 1130am so early??
hi everyone

Please count me in, I am singaporean too... Weekends will be good for me as i will be returning to work this monday.
Thanks fennho! You are so lucky! My baby wakes up at 545am every day and hangs out till 7am for his dad to bathe him! Then continues to be awake and plays till 9am :S

Ok im ok with 11ish at IFC/central/causewaybay, wed.

Arwen, I totally understand too. I didn't go out much at all when my baby was 1 mth.