Any good international kindergartens in Kowloon Tong?


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I am looking for good international kindergartens in Kowloon Tong for my baby, any recommendations?
When should I apply if she wants to join K1 in 2008?

I don't know about kindergarten but we take our 13 month son to Tutor Time Wow for a toddler play group and it is awesome. It's 1/2 Mandarin and 1/2 English (both native speakers). There are many other int'l schools in Kowloon Tong...York, Kingston, Yew Chung, etc.

I don't know about when to enroll but when we interviewed with Yew Chung and Tutor Time, we were basically told that if they start now with one of the Pre-K classes, they can automatically enroll in the Kindergarten class so it might be good to start your child in a pre-K class for that reason as well as many other beneficial educational and social reasons!