Annual Leave question


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This will be our first time to hire a helper. I understand that she is entitled to 7 day annual leave every 12 mos of employment. If she goes back to her home country (philippines) for that 7 day leave, are we supposed to pay for her air fare to and from? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Annual leave is normally taken at the end of the contract. That's 2-weeks. You do need to pay for her air fare home. If you plan to re-hire then you also pay for her air-fare back to HK.
I am confused after we just renewed the contract early, supposedly to take advantage of $0 levy. My helper is coming up a year's employment in January and wants to take 4 days annual leave to go home over Christmas. She asked me to pay the HK$4,000 fare, and has said she has to leave anyways because of the renewal. Is this correct? In that case, anything i've saved on levy will be spent on the airfare, right? Normally I wouldn't have paid for this until 2009, when the original contract ran out so I feel a bit duped. Is there something i'm missing?
jodymo, after u renewed the contract immigration will ask yr helper to go back to her country within one am sure u would not have completed one year by now since this no-levy thing came out just recently.....again the fare to manila is about $1650 that is what we paid but our helper is going on non-peak days....going for just 4 days sounds a bit unusual u may want to question her further.