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Can someone recommend a good doctor trained and qualified in the USA or Canada? Thanks so much.
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Lauren Bramley has doctors who are US educated/ qualified who see children, although their specialist ped is actually UK qualified.


Dr. Richard Chiu is not US qualified, but he is very knowledgable about current pediatrics practice in the US, and follows the US vaccine schedules, using US products for our child and we have always found him to be very helpful.
Generally it's harder to become a doctor in the US than it is in the UK or HK. *Not only are the standards much higher, the quality of US post-graduate training is better. * Resources, facilities and training are better in the US than UK/HK. *

In the US, doctors are be paid maybe 4+ times what they are paid in the UK once you are fully trained (although juniors are paid slightly better than in the US). *And*many medical school profs gloat about having done internships or experience in US hospitals. There is a certain reputation that goes with being American trained and perhaps its not fair but its just the way it works. *

Also, from my personal experience, I have found that American doctors tend to be more careful, thorough and comprehensive... which I prefer. *I suspect this is in part due to the fact that most American doctors are *worried about getting sued (Americans are extremely litigious) and will therefore "cover" all bases, so to speak. *
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AudreysMom, we had EXACTLY the same concerns as you did in finding a pediatrician for our daughter in HK. After checking out a few, we decided that we really liked, and more importantly trusted the medical judgment of, Dr. Chiu, although he is not a US licensed practicioner.
AudreysMom, we had EXACTLY the same concerns as you did in finding a pediatrician for our daughter in HK. After checking out a few, we decided that we really liked, and more importantly trusted the medical judgment of, Dr. Chiu, although he is not a US licensed practicioner.

Not only is he not US licensed, he didnt have any part of his education in the US.

For someone who had the exact same inferiority concerns about doctors from UK/HK, you've certainly made a strange choice in picking someone who has only been educated in HK and UK.

I've no such concerns and would be happy to use Dr Chui's services as long as he was priced reasonably. He certainly has a fantastic reputation as well as an impressive resume of qualifications.
what i found hilarious was that while most of us would have said something like - it would be nice to go to someone who was educated / worked back home because of the familiarity or same concerns or point of veiw etc; the posts here went on about how much "better" US medical system and doctors are.. but ofcourse :)
Umm, as I noted before we like him because he follows US protocols for vaccination schedules, and will order and use the US vaccines for us AND we have found him to be highly competent - in stark contrast to MANY HK educated doctors I have come across, PARTICULARLY in private practice (for example, I've been prescribed dangerous drugs during pregnancy, FDA category D, when there were perfectly fine and much safer alternatives. I asked about it and the doctor just kept saying this is fine. Looked it up, went for a second opinion and ended up filing a complaint with the licencing authorities who censured the doc). US doctors just don't do that crap. Also, as I noted Dr. Chiu was familiar with US pediactrics practices. He attends and speaks at pediatrics seminars in the US and we are comfortable with him as he doesn't have that one size fits all, no critical examination or thought (i.e. here are some antibiotics/ other pills) attitude that so many HK doctors I have come across exhibit.
Just because there are some bad HK doctors, which I agree there are, doesn't mean there aren't some excellent ones. Also just because there are some great US doctors doesn't mean there aren't bad ones. I'm a Hong Konger trained in law in the US and I would never say that I am a better lawyer than those trained in HK. Though I know the medical and legal professions are different, I really don't think that it is fair to say the US trained docs are better.
...US doctors just don't do that crap....

I could cite a thousands of cases where US doctors have done unethical or illegal things. What would be the point? There are good ones and bad ones in every profession.

DrChiu is highly competent just like thousands of his fellow colleagues who have graduated from HK universities. Calling HK doctors incompetent, making broad brush statements such as the ones you are making here is irresponsible.
Next time you visit him, perhaps you can take a moment and repeat to him what you are saying here. I'd love to know his reaction :-)
I also wouldn't completely put my trust in the FDA as some of the members are in fact special interest for the things they let pass....
I am actually from australia. I lived in Hk, Aus and the us and have seen drs in all 3 countries. I'm simply expressing my personal view that the doctors are more rigorously trained and tend to "play it safe".
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I'll buy the observation that they play it safe because they are scared of getting sued. Its drilled into them every step of the way.

I dont buy the argument that they are better trained or just plain "better"; I would love to see some evidence in the form of respected journal articles.
Also, it makes no sense to compare pay packets vs quality. The fact that a US doctor makes a lot more money is a sign of a screwed up health care system and should not be viewed in a positive way.

If you wish to go to a US trained doctor because that is your preference, because you feel better about it, because you like their accent, you love their bedside manner etc etc then by all means, please do. I gave you a link that lists 95% of them.
OTOH dismissing 3 entire nations medical doctors (HK, UK, OZ) out of hand, just because, is just plain ignorant.
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I'm very sorry if I offended you. I'm simply saying I prefer us docs bc I feel (in my personal experience) that Hk docs (most seem to have qualifications in UK) cut corners and will not explain things in detail. *American dic explain and disclose everything to the moon and back. *I like that. *I just feel safer sending my children to an American board certified doc! *That's all! *
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I say all doctors have their own individual styles and should be treated individually no matter where they grew up and went to school.
Audrey's mom - we as a family have had good expereinces with HK docs. There are docs and there are docs. In the same vein I could say ALL HK docs are excellent and the best etc... That would be equally silly.

I Respect your preference but that doesnt make US medical system better than any other OR vice versa.
I do not think the american SYSTEM is better. I think the american system is the worst in the world. In my humble OPINION -- my opinion only-- Australia and HK has the best SYSTEM. Only those who can afford the ridiculous cost of care will get good care in the US. It's sad but not everyone in the US has access to quality medical care. However the quality of care (which not all Americans receive) I firmly believe, and others are free to disagree, is better in the US