advice needed on toilet training


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After several unsuccessful attempts at toilet training my son over the last few months, it seems we're finally succeeding this time around - YIPPEE! He had lots of accidents on day 1, only wet himself twice on day 2, and he's been dry so far on day 3. I know it's early days yet so I?m looking for more tips on how to progress.

Every time he wants a wee, he tells me and then he runs off to the toilet and stands on his stepping stool, but I have to help him pull down his undies and trousers, and sometimes hold his willy so he doesn't get wee on the toilet rim. I guess these are things I have to encourage him to do himself.

We've only started training for wee-wee so far and he wears underpants when he's at home, though I still use pull-ups for going out, nap time and night sleep. So how long should I wait until I stop using the pull ups for going out and nap time (ie. when he's been been dry for a full week/2 weeks/1 month?)

Also when should we start training for poo-poo? I expect to have a really hard time with this because he refuses to sit on both the toilet seat and potty, then starts crying and getting quite upset. I've even bribed him with more reward stickers which is what we've used for wee-wee but to no avail. He will only have a poo if I put his pull-ups back on, and then he'll go off to hide in a quiet corner where no-one can watch him and have his poo. If we go over to see where he is, he tells us to go away!

I've also noticed that he needs to go to the toilet quite often, sometimes even 3 times in half an hour? Is this normal for a toddler? Is it possible for his bladder control to be good enough to hold his urine? I wonder if he's going more often just because he's wanting more reward stickers?!

Any suggestions (especially regarding poo training) would be very appreciated. Thanks.
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no where do you say how old your little one is...that would make a huge difference in your approach.

my first had a hard time with doing the day, during our struggle for him to sit on the potty, the poop just kind of fell out of him and landed on the rim of the potty. i grabbed a tissue and pushed it into the toilet...then we all let out a huge "hooray!!!" and showed him. he was fine after that.

our second won't get off the toilet. she'd happily sit there for hours on end if i let her. she's now 22 months and has successfully pooped in the toilet once. no successful pees yet...
i don't push the issue with the kids. i let them guide me as to when they are ready.

with my son, however, i did push the issue when it came to night-time... he finally was dry by 3.5 years at night. he hasn't had an accident in about 6 months.
thanks carang....he's just turned 3 so he's already way later than most kids! we did introduce the potty and child toilet seat when he was much younger but only tried to properly toilet train when he was about 2.5yrs but each time over the last few months he would always refuse the potty/toilet and get quite distressed if we asked him to sit on it. so naturally we were quite surprised that he managed it this time round, especially as we had offered reward stickers as incentive before.

my hope is that now he has accomplished his wees and seems quite proud of the fact, that he'll have more confidence to have a poo, but I'm not sure we can delay it much longer especially as he's supposed to be independently toilet trained at kindergarten. the school has been very flexible and allowed him to attend in pull-ups and luckily he usually has a poo in the evening, but I always dread whether he'll have a poo at school one day!
Advice on potty training please!

Hi ,
I dont know how to start a new thread so am using an old related one. If someone can tell me how to start a thread that would good thanks.

My current worry is that my 2 & 8 mths boy is not yet potty trained. I tried over the summer holidays to get him to sit on potty , he was compliant if given rewards but nothing came out. Then he was sick for the most of the holidays and was not eating well so we gave up potty training.
Now he just started K1 and the school expect all kids to be potty trained! My helper and I tried putting him on the Baby toilet seat and he protested. He said that it was dirty - got the idea that toilet is dirty and he is reluctant to use it. Only improvement is that he ask for his diaper to be changed if it is full of pee or he just pooped.

I appreciate any advice please - am running out of ideas on how to get him potty trained . My last idea was to let him run around the house naked and clean after him hoping that he will use his potty....