8 months old seemed tired after recoverying from fever


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My bud had a fever for three days and he's just got better today. But he seems more tired than usual ( when he is healthy). He could usually last 2 to 2.5 hours between naps. But today, he is tired and taking a nap every 1.5 hour so far.

He seems happy and alert when he is up and playing. But still a bit cranky due to teething.

Should I be worried about this unusual tiredness? Or he is just still recovering.

Plus, he seems to have developed some red spots on one side of his face. It does not seem itchy nor does it raised. I am keeping a close eye on it coz I am afraid it might be allergy ( not food though. He has refused solid since last week).

he's probably just tired from the recovery... as for the spots, i'd take him to a dr...just in case they are related to the fever.
Hi! New to this site!!

I am relatively new to this site and did not know where to post this message but I'm really amazed at the amount of useful info u can get here.
I have beautiful 4 month baby boy. He was diagonised with CHD when he was just 2 days old and had to undergo a major operation immediately. He is doing fine now but I still have some lingering doubts concerning his development (being a typical mom I guess :smile: ).
I would like to hear from other mums in similar situation so that I can exchange some notes.
Thanks. ]
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