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Top 5 Sleep Products for Babies

Written by Clare Cassidy on Wednesday, 07 May 2014. Posted in Toddler Tips, Baby Basics, Family Life, Life With Baby

Useful tools for ensuring a peaceful snooze for your baby

Top 5 Sleep Products for Babies

Many parents will testify that getting their babies and toddlers to sleep peacefully through the whole night has been a struggle at one point or another. For all of you who are bleary-eyed from lack of sleep and nodding in agreement, we’ve compiled a list of the top five must-have products that will help you out. Read on to find out what products we highly recommend.



1. The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg & Melinda Blau

Price: HK $175 (Buy Now: ShopinHK.Com)


In the words of the New York Times best-selling child expert Tracy Hogg “a problem is nothing more than a situation calling for a creative solution.” With this philosophy in mind, Hogg - along with co-writer Melinda Blau - has come out with the third addition to the smash book series The Baby Whisperer. Like its two predecessors, this book is a (much more comprehensive) personal guide outlining detailed creative solutions for common problems or situations that parents of infants and young toddlers face regularly.


This book earns the top spot in this article, as it serves as a sort of ‘parenting Bible’ with its relatable and eye-opening content. Through ten engaging chapters, Hogg and Blau offer readers nothing but fantastic advice, insights and techniques that are broken down and very easy to comprehend and memorise.


The parental strategies involve the 12 essential questions used to identify potential hiccups and subsequently, the 12 problem-solving principles to remedy them. The book also guides parents down the path towards understanding “banguage” (baby-language) that their children use to communicate their needs and desires. Another section highlights the importance of being a “P.C. parent” (patient and conscious) as this affects the developmental growth of a child. Keep in mind that these are just a fraction of the useful lessons there for you to learn.


So for any new parent, having this book handy on your shelf will help you sleep at night, because as you know, the need for reliable and effective solutions on the spot is a key part of parenting!



2. The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night by Elizabeth Pantley

Price: HK $136 (Buy Now: ShopinHK.Com)


Think of this book as the second half that completes the essential set including The Baby Whisperer - with the two on your shelf, you’ve got it all covered!


How do I get my baby to sleep peacefully through the night?” - this is a question that will resonate strongly with the majority of parents worldwide. We all know the two obvious options - one being the Ferber technique whereby you let your baby cry it out ‘til they eventually get worn out and doze off. The other is the “grin-and-bear-it” solution of getting up throughout the night as often as necessary (which has no mercy for our poor, exhausted mums and dads)! If you weigh the options, which one comes out better - noisy or tiring?


If neither of the above options satisfy you, read on. Thanks to Elizabeth Pantley, there is now a third option, the ‘No-Cry Sleep Solution’. Tested and proven effective by many mother-and-baby duos across the US, Canada and Europe, Pantley’s successful guide clearly explains effective strategies for conquering naptime and nighttime obstacles. In order to fully understand how this approach works, she takes readers step-by-step through the groundwork explaining baby’s biological sleep rhythms, and reasons preventing babies from a good night’s rest. Pantley also introduces the Persistent Gentle Removal System which gradually teaches a baby to fall into a slumber without the aid of breast-feeding, bottle-feeding or pacifiers.


So, if you are a tired parent and need a good, relaxing sleep, you might want to check this book out!



3. Bashful Lamb by Jellycat

Price: HK $190 (Buy Now: ShopinHK.Com)


Most toddlers feel safer if they have a soft and cuddly friend in their cots to share their naptimes with. Whether your little one wants just one friend or the whole gang, Jellycat has what you’re looking for. At GeoBaby, our favourite is the irresistibly cute Bashful Lamb with her buttercream fur, button eyes and floppy ears. But before you settle on her, make sure you show your baby the Jellycat collection (available at ShopInHK). Established in 1999 in London, Jellycat launches a new cuddly addition bi-annually to its quirky and adorable collection. From Tutu Lulu Pink Bunny and Cordy Roy Elephant to Fuddlewuddle Puppy, Boppity Boing Zebra and more, they are all bound to make your mini-angels smile.



4. GroBag Gro-Egg Room Thermometer

Price: HK $285 (Buy Now: ShopinHK.Com)


It’s very important for your baby’s health and safety to ensure that the temperature of the room in which he or she sleeps in is optimal. With GroBag’s innovative Gro-Egg Room Thermometer, this is an easy task. Apart from serving as a comforting night-light, the Gro-Egg indicates the room temperature by changing colour so you can adjust it, or your baby’s clothing or bedding.


You should be aiming for a yellow-coloured Gro-Egg, which indicates the room temperature is just right (16-20°C). If it shines blue, the room is too cold (under 16°C). Orange means the room is warm (20-24°C) and red means too warm (over 24°C). Don’t worry - you don’t have to memorise this as the Gro-Egg comes with instructions.


What a great way for parents to check the room temperature at a glance. This product definitely deserves a spot on our list! 



5. Gro Anywhere Blind

Price: HK $439 (Buy Now: ShopinHK.Com)


As we wind down to the end of our article, we can't help but add another Gro Company product to our list as they are so creative and practical. Any mum knows that when their babies are getting cranky during the day, they need a nice nap for a couple of hours. But what if you’re away from the comfort of your home? Or what if the room doesn’t have sufficient curtains or blinds and the sunshine is flooding in through the windows? Well, this last product on our list brings you an immediate solution!


The Gro Anywhere Blind acts as a portable black-out blind that helps create a dark and comfy environment for your toddler’s day-time snoozes. This versatile product can be set up in minutes wherever you are, and comes with suction caps so you can put it directly up onto glass windows. So don’t forget to pack this vital tool when you travel or even if you’re going ‘round to visit friends or grandparents ‘cause chances are, it may very well come in handy. 




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