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Pamela Youde

If you plan to deliver your baby at Pamela Youde then
you need to register asap. You need to allot time for waiting
but the care is very good and I have never had
any communication problems. You will likely see a different
doctor each time and get differents points of views and
There are semiprivate rooms available and
they are first come-first serve, you may have to go to another
floor to await someone's checkout. It is $800 per night
for semi-private including all medical costs including any emergencies c-sections and/or epidurals. The regular ward is $68
per night. The rates are changing in April but I don't know by how much.
Both classes use the same delivery rooms
Babies need to stay in the nursery for observation at times
but staff welcomes you to keep babies with you in the room.
They have a number to call for info from 9-1 daily and will take your registration by fax. It is either 2595-6111 or 2595-7727
They will send you your appointment
time by phone or fax within a day for an appointment. The first blood tests etc they do start at
around 11 weeks so you can register as soon as you know.
Good luck

Just visited PY hospital today ... the cost for the ward is now $100 per day. Also there are no semi-private rooms as they've closed them down.