Any info on Gymbaree and Gymbaroo?


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I'd love some info on Gymbaree and Gymbaroo. Are tey the same sort of thing and what age best to start a baby in something like this? it mostly Mum's/Dad's that bring the babie or is it d.helpers?

Here's what I got from one of my friends (who's now moved back to Australia).

Hi Shri,

Gymbaree is the US version - the original I think. Gymbaroo is the
Australian version.

We took our daughter to Gymbaroo at about 6-8 weeks.

The best decision we could have made, Would highly recommend it. And will infact take our newborn without a 2nd thought.

I have no doubt it greatly enhanced her early learning, coordination, dexterity, physical development and self confidence.

The group is professionally run and all staff members appeared to be very knowledgeable.

It was also a lot of fun (for me too) and a very happy place to take your child.

Actually, the majority of "carers" were the parents - approx 80% with the balance being helpers, etc.

Received the following response from Gymboree:

In short, Gymboree is an American based company that started the play and movement program in the 1970s. Gymbaroo is an Australian company that started 12 years ago. Gymboree is a publically listed company that has Gymboree programs all over the world.

Gymbaroo is mainly in Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. From what I hear from other parents, Gymbaroo is very structured and the children have to follow their program quite strictly. Gymboree is more balanced as we have both structured and unstructured activities. Gymboree also has theme programs with arts and crafts and our Music program is really quite excellent.
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I joined GymbarOO at about 3 months which I think was a good age. It is 45 minutes a class; about 10 people to a class and just under half, it is the helper that brings the child. The songs are great and there is a big activity room. The instructers are all Australian and pass on useful info, the activities are based on touch(massage,exercise and dance) and the main aim is to increase and develop the babies awareness of itself. Each week you get a handout on useful activities to do at home. I have enjoyed the classes but would have a break after this term as I think it would get a bit monotomous Hope this answers your questions.
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