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Health & Nutrition

Maintaining good health and nutrition is vital for a healthy pregnancy. Read on for our tips on dealing back pain and what foods you should avoid while your bun is still in the oven.

How to Choose Antenatal Classes How to Choose Antenatal Classes

Written by Yvonne Heavyside on Monday, 23 February 2015. Posted in The Next 9 Months, Labour & Birth, Health & Nutrition

Thinking about joining an antenatal class in Hong Kong? To help you find the right class for your needs, Yvonne Heavyside of The Family Zone explains the factors to consider when choosing a class, and what types of courses are available in Hong Kong.

When I first started teaching antenatal classes in Hong Kong, there was very limited choice in the type of class and location. Most couples attended classes associated with the hospital in which they were to deliver, and if these were full they either went without or sought private classes. Now there are many different classes available, and whilst choice is always a good thing, it can also be a bit overwhelming and confusing. You might wish to consider some of the points I have outlined below when deciding which antenatal classes to choose.

Pregnancy and Back Pain Pregnancy and Back Pain

on Wednesday, 03 April 2013. Posted in The Next 9 Months, Health & Nutrition

Half of all pregnant women can expect some back pain. Learn more about how to relieve the pain during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time of rapid biological change. All bodily organs and systems are affected by the growth of the fetus and this brings with it alterations in body mass, a subsequent change in the centre of gravity and stretching and weakening of abdominal muscles. According to scientific studies, roughly one half of all pregnant women suffer from back pain (Obstet Gyecol 1988; 71:71-5).

9 Food No-No's While Pregnant 9 Food No-No's While Pregnant

on Thursday, 28 March 2013. Posted in The Next 9 Months, Health & Nutrition

Foods to avoid during pregnancy that can be dangerous for both you and baby.

Telling a pregnant woman that she can’t eat what she is craving is almost as dangerous as taking a large fish from the hands of a grizzly bear. When I was told that I couldn’t eat sushi when I got pregnant, I threw a temper tantrum like a two year old. Pregnancy can bring on intense food cravings, and while many foods are perfectly safe to eat, there are some that you should avoid like the plague for the sake of your unborn baby. Listeria, mercury, salmonella, and toxoplasmosis aren’t words that we use in our everyday language when we are considering what foods to choose, but these are all poisons that are found in food we consume every day that can be potentially life-threatening when pregnant. To keep you and baby safe, here are a few foods that you should steer clear from while you are pregnant. 

Acid Reflux During Pregnancy Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

Written by Helen Scott on Tuesday, 07 July 2015. Posted in The Next 9 Months, Health & Nutrition, Practical Advice

Acid reflux or Heartburn can be a nuisance during pregnancy, but here are some fantastic tips to overcome it.

It’s lucky our memories are selective as despite this being my third time round, I had plain forgotten about one of the less pleasurable side effects of pregnancy: gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), more commonly known as acid indigestion or heartburn. In the first couple of trimesters, our hormones are the main culprit here, namely progesterone produced by the placenta, which relaxes the valve separating the stomach from the oesophagus thereby allowing gastric acids to come back up.

Yoga for Pregnant Women Yoga for Pregnant Women

on Wednesday, 27 March 2013. Posted in The Next 9 Months, Health & Nutrition

Prenatal yoga is a great, low-impact exercise option for expectant moms.

Yoga is a traditional Indian art that has become increasingly popular throughout the world. In its many varieties, it promotes optimum health, both physically and mentally. Yoga postures and breathing techniques develop strength, stability, flexibility, and a calm composure. These poses can be adapted to people according to their age, their capacity and their disposition.


Pregnancy and Weight Gain Pregnancy and Weight Gain

Written by MK Moore on Monday, 28 April 2014. Posted in The Next 9 Months, Health & Nutrition, Practical Advice

Keep healthy with our sensible guide to eating and exercising right during pregnancy.

The media has a tendency to place unrealistic expectations on a woman’s body image, particularly during and just after pregnancy. We’re constantly being bombarded with images of celebrity mums with waif-like figures, when in fact, the focus shouldn’t even be on a woman’s weight or dress size!


Yoga, Pilates & Pregnancy Yoga, Pilates & Pregnancy

on Monday, 11 May 2015. Posted in Health & Nutrition

Healthy body, healthy mind! Discover the infinite potential yoga and Pilates have in keeping you bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and rosy-cheeked through the rough 'n' tough strains of pregnancy...

For the last decade or so, Yoga and Pilates have hogged the fitness spotlight, earning global popularity, legions of followers and even becoming a ‘lifestyle’. According to Yoga Journal, 2012 saw 20.4 million yogis in America; a 29% increase since 2008. US research studies crowned Pilates the nation's “fastest-growing fitness activity”, with 8.6 million participants in 2009 - a 456% up from 2000. [source: CNBC] Why? The list of health benefits that come attached with both never ends, from spinal alignment and flexibility, to tension relief and regulated digestion.

6 Summer Tips for Staying Cool with A Bump 6 Summer Tips for Staying Cool with A Bump

on Tuesday, 23 June 2015. Posted in Health & Nutrition

Beat the blazing heat & enjoy a cool pregnancy...

Dealing with Hong Kong’s merciless summer heat and relentless humidity levels every day is draining enough as it is - so just how do expectant Mums manage with all that extra weight to carry around? During pregnancy, our core body temperature is much higher than usual thanks to boosted hormonal activity and blood flow. So this, combined with the city’s scorching summer heat could end up as a recipe for dehydration, fatigue, uncomfortable swelling or heat-related illnesses like heat stroke, cramps and exhaustion.

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