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Boosting Your Fertility the Natural Way

on Thursday, 28 March 2013. Posted in Trying For Baby, Fertility 101

Six natural tips and tricks to help you go from, “we’re trying” to “we’re pregnant”!

Boosting Your Fertility the Natural Way

Ready for a baby? Be proactive! You’re finally ready to expand your family, but you’re finding that it’s not as easy as you had once thought. At first, trying to get pregnant can be a lot of fun, but soon, you might find that it has started to feel more like a chore. Don’t stress. Sometimes, we all just need a little push in the right direction. Did you know that there are natural ways to boost fertility that will allow becoming pregnant much more likely? It’s not always a matter of, “I can or cannot have kids.” Put fertility treatments and medications on the back burner for now. There are changes that can be made that may help increase fertility that is healthy for you as well as your future baby. 


Weight Control

Being at an unhealthy weight has major effects on health and fertility, and yes, this includes not only being too heavy but also too thin.  If you have less than 18 percent or over 25 percent body fat, you have a higher chance of not ovulating.  So, whether you’re overweight or underweight should help you determine if you should go in for that second helping of triple chocolate chunk ice cream.


Eat Well

While reaching for the sponge cake instead of the apple can, at times, seem more appealing, it’s important that you eat right. Be sure to include more protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin C into your diet. The lack of these nutrients can cause less frequent ovulation. You might also want to consider a daily multivitamin for a good boost in nutrients.


Stop Smoking

No “butts” about it - smoking cigarettes can cause fertility issues in both men and women. For men, smoking can damage his little swimmers. For women, it affects how receptive the uterus is to the egg. It’s also important to quit smoking before conceiving because smoking can lead to a higher chance of miscarriage.


Watch your caffeine and alcohol intake

While coffee is delicious, you might want to rethink that second cup. Scientists have found that women who drink large amounts of caffeine (more than two cups a day) have more trouble getting pregnant than women who don’t.


The same goes for alcohol. While it’s so tempting to guzzle down those two glasses of Chardonnay after a stressful day at work, it’s important that you drink alcohol in moderation if you’re trying to get pregnant. Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum (less than two beverages a day). This is also great practice for when you do get pregnant as you will have to cut out alcohol all together.


Reduce your stress

Feeling like you want to pull your hair out? All you have to do is just relax – easier said than done at times. Stress can actually interrupt your periods and ovulation. If you do find yourself stressing out, take a deep breath and try yoga or meditation. This will prove helpful in trying to conceive, as well as not becoming bald.


Have sex more often

Yes, please! Studies have shown that women who have sex more often (at least once per week) tend to have more regular menstrual cycles than women who have sex sporadically. Get busy in the bedroom every two to three days all month long.


Staying healthy and keeping it natural is not just beneficial for the longevity of life, it also impacts so many other aspects of our life. If all else fails, consult your doctor about the possibility of fertility treatments. You can also check out Hong Kong Pregnancy forums for some advice from other soon-to-be Hong Kong moms. 


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