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Matilda Hospital


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41 Mount Kellet Rd, ,
2849 0111

The Matilda International Hospital is one of the best maternity hospitals in Hong Kong. It's located on the Peak and the views from the rooms are breathtaking.

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The Matilda
i would not have another baby at the Matilda...simple as that.
The midwife which was supposedly assigned to me brought us down to the operating theatre for my c-section and managed to bring me back to my room after the birth and then she was never to be seen again. My 5 night stay at the hospital was a bit hectic....i think i must have had about 12 different nurses and midwives visit my room throughout my stay...which by the way is about 6 too many.
I didn't find any of them too helpful and they seemed to be in a constant rush to get to the next patient!
for the money we paid ....we are not impressed.
However on a more upbeat note...the rooms are very nicely decorated and the food is not bad at if it's something kind on the eyes and tantalizing to the taste buds you seek then it's the Matilda you should go.
If it's quality care you look for then i would look elsewhere!

Matilda Hospital
We had a wonderful experience at the Matilda. I found the midwives to be very helpful and caring. The staff is professional, the surroundings are lovely and we had a super birth experience.

We will have our next baby at the Matilda as well.

Good experience
I had a very good experience at the Matilda although I wonder if the fact that I was in First Class ward has anything to do with it.

I had my second baby at Matilda and I really recommend this hospital if you (or your insurance) can afford the private rooms.

The midwives, nurses and amahs are all wonderful and very friendly. The food was great and actually had taste (compared to most hospital food). The private rooms with ensuites are like hotel rooms.

After having a baby, you really need this experience to help you prepare for going home.

Matilda Hospital
We had a great experience there. We actually appreciated the varied perspectives of the different nurses and midwives, as different things work for different people, and being first-time parents, we were eager to try everything until we figured out what was the best combination for us.

Service is great, food is great, view is great, rooms are great. Overall an excellent choice. Of course it's pricey though.

I also enjoyed going up there for pre-natal yoga classes every M, W, and F during my second and third trimesters.

Matilda - Not worth it
I have had 3 children - in 3 different countries - and I have to say Matilda just wasn't worth the money. It sells itself on the 5-star hotel idea, but if a hotel were to serve cold food, no hot water in bidets, leaking shower, cable TV broken, have incessant bells ringing in the hallways or staff that didn't follow your requests, then you wouldn't really consider it first class. Because I have had the benefit of other experiences, I have to say I was more than disappointed in the Matilda. There was nothing terrible about the place - just so mediocre. Oh - and the fabulous view from the first class rooms? Just hope that you are there on one of Hong Kong's haze free days. Otherwise, all you see is smog. I left after one day. Happily, my birth experience itself was the best of all 3 kids - not due to the staff but because I hired a private doula who respected my wishes. If you are paying your own bill - then you definitely will be able to find comparable health care elsewhere. Shop around and take your family on a great vacation with the money you'll save!

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