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Hong Kong Adventist Hospital


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40 Stubbs Road, ,
3651 8888
3651 8800
Hong Kong Adventist Hospital provides a variety of medical services. Well known for their maternity care and 24 hr out-patient clinic.
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Brilliant Experience
We had our first born at the Adventist and must say I that it was a brilliant experience. We checked in at about 9AM and D was born on the same day (30th June) at about 6PM.

Here are some of my observations

-- The staff was extremely competant and (equally important in my opinion) caring.
-- All the midwives and nurses are asian and speak fluent English. Communicating with them wasnt a problem.
-- They went over the birth plan and made sure there were no misunderstandings.
-- No shortage of staff around (not sure if they've had layoffs since then, but do wander in unannounced and see for yourself).

The room was ok in size (private) and the food was good, with a large vegetarian selection.

Overall, we left the Adventist as satisfied with their service.

A word of caution. Do keep in mind that the Adventist (like all the other private hospitals in Hong Kong) allows doctors to charge variable rates depending on the rooms, even though it is against medical council recommendations. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NEGOTIATED YOUR RATES with your doctor and anesthetist before you register at the hospital, as the hospital will make you pay whatever the doctor wants them to collect, before you check out.

I do want to end the review stating that we were happy with the Adventist and would definately go back there if / when required.

They accept a few medical insurance cards. Check with your provider.

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