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How to Choose Antenatal Classes How to Choose Antenatal Classes

Written by Yvonne Heavyside on Monday, 23 February 2015. Posted in The Next 9 Months, Labour & Birth, Health & Nutrition

Thinking about joining an antenatal class in Hong Kong? To help you find the right class for your needs, Yvonne Heavyside of The Family Zone explains the factors to consider when choosing a class, and what types of courses are available in Hong Kong.

When I first started teaching antenatal classes in Hong Kong, there was very limited choice in the type of class and location. Most couples attended classes associated with the hospital in which they were to deliver, and if these were full they either went without or sought private classes. Now there are many different classes available, and whilst choice is always a good thing, it can also be a bit overwhelming and confusing. You might wish to consider some of the points I have outlined below when deciding which antenatal classes to choose.

The Baby Nursery Checklist The Baby Nursery Checklist

on Friday, 12 April 2013. Posted in Baby Basics, Practical Advice

What to buy for baby? Find out with our handy print-out-and-keep list of essential newborn baby items you will need when baby arrives.

When you first discover you’re pregnant, nine months can seem like an eternity until you're holding that tiny bundle of preciousness in your hands. However, with so much to prepare and organise, those nine months will fly by before you know it.

To help you get a head start on preparing for your new baby’s arrival, we enlisted the help of our wonderful GeoMums to compile this handy and practical checklist of baby essentials. The list includes the must-haves as well as nice-to-have items (in italics) that aren’t essential but they do make our lives easier. All you have to do is download and print ladies!

Let’s go shopping!

Antenatal Care In Hong Kong Antenatal Care In Hong Kong

Written by Ólafia Aradottir on Thursday, 25 July 2013. Posted in The Next 9 Months

Antenatal care saves lives. Olafia Aradottir, a nurse and midwife from Iceland and the latest expert to join the Annerley team explains why.

In Hong Kong, as in much of the rest of the westernised world, when you learn you are pregnant, you take it for granted that you will follow a programme of antenatal visits. After the initial excitement it can feel that the checkups are a bit tedious and over-fussy, especially when all that the healthcare practitioner seems to do is check your weight, urine and blood pressure, but it is exactly these checks that provide the first indicators of a problem.

Shopping For Baby, Hong Kong Style Shopping For Baby, Hong Kong Style

Written by Jessica Ng on Wednesday, 21 August 2013. Posted in Life With Baby, Life in the +852, Practical Advice

Shopping for baby can be a pricey affair in Hong Kong unless you know where to look. Discover our affordable shopping finds for your little one and start saving those pennies.

Skies may no longer be grey, but many markets still are. Welcome to Hong Kong, home to one of the largest open market communities in Asia. From gadgetry to food and beverage to the sartorial, nothing is sacred in this shopper’s paradise. Open markets operate in the grey area of legality. Not quite endorsed by brands, these parallel markets import manufactured goods and sell them for less than the official retail price.

Checklist: Packing Your Hospital Bag Checklist: Packing Your Hospital Bag

on Wednesday, 05 June 2013. Posted in Labour & Birth, Practical Advice

Get yourself ready and pack all the essentials you’ll need during labour and birth and for after your baby is born. Our useful checklist will ensure you don’t forget.

It is recommended that you have your bag ready at least 4 weeks before your due date, although experienced mums often share how glad they were that their bags were ready at least 8 weeks before their debut.


Getting Ready for Baby - Nursery Furniture Getting Ready for Baby - Nursery Furniture

on Tuesday, 01 September 2015. Posted in Baby Basics, Practical Advice

Planning your new baby’s nursery? Check out our nursery furniture tips to help you make the best decision.

As first time parents, everything about having a baby can seem overwhelming - especially when you are getting advice from friends, siblings, parents, even the cashier at the grocery store seems to be an expert on babies when she sees your baby bump. Here is a comprehensive list of everything you should need for fitting out your new baby's nursery. Some of the items are necessities, while others are simply luxuries.


Private Hospital Maternity Packages in Hong Kong 2016 Private Hospital Maternity Packages in Hong Kong 2016

on Wednesday, 04 March 2015. Posted in Labour & Birth, Practical Advice

Plan your birth with our round-up of maternity packages in Hong Kong's private hospitals.

Congratulations - you’re pregnant! So, what comes next? Well, if you are considering going down the route of Hong Kong's private hospitals for your delivery, then look no further. We've done the legwork and thrown all of the city's private hospitals' maternity package prices in a chart for your convenience (you're welcome!). Check out our comprehensive PDF list, which you can even download and print out for handy reading.



Private Hospital Maternity Packages in Hong Kong 2016

(Note: these package prices do not include doctors fees)

The Benefits of Cord Blood & Umbilical Cord Tissue Banking The Benefits of Cord Blood & Umbilical Cord Tissue Banking

on Monday, 03 June 2013. Posted in Labour & Birth

The quick and painless procedure of banking a newborn’s cord blood and umbilical cord tissue can be used for future medical treatments to treat diseases and to save lives.

Sponsored Feature: HealthBaby


Up until about 10 years ago, doctors and medical professionals considered cord blood to be a little more than medical waste. Today, cord blood is regarded as “the first gift from God” as research has shown that over a hundred life-threatening diseases1,2 – from cancers to blood diseases to immune disorders – can be treated using cord blood stem cells.

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