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Yvonne Heavyside

Yvonne Heavyside

Yvonne is a UK trained and registered general nurse. She is also a registered nurse in Hong Kong and a Health Visitor (maternal & child health specialist), Lactation Consultant, Further Education Teacher and First Aid & CPR Instructor.

Yvonne has over 30 years’ experience as a nurse both in the UK and in Hong Kong, and she previously worked in the Matilda International hospital running their well-baby clinic.

Yvonne founded her own company, The Family Zone, specifically to provide a personal, professional, hands-on service for new mums.

In addition to this wealth of experience, Yvonne is the mother of three children and grandmother to one.

Potty Training Tips Potty Training Tips

Written by Yvonne Heavyside on Friday, 27 September 2013. Posted in Toddler Tips

Dreading potty training? It’s a lot easier than you think especially with these tips from Yvonne Heavyside of The Family Zone.

Have you noticed how trends in child-rearing tend to go in cycles? Routine, no routine, and now routines are very much in again. Breast feeding on 1 breast only, then both breasts and (I think, even I lose touch) we are back to 1 breast only again. Well watch this space but my prediction is that we are about to see a swing in the potty training trend. It is not unusual in the course of my work, for me to come across bright 3 year olds (usually boys) who are not potty trained but who have never even been exposed to the idea! The subject usually comes up, not as a problem, but a request for information about nursery schools who will accept 3 year olds still wearing nappies.


How To Choose a Helper How To Choose a Helper

Written by Yvonne Heavyside on Monday, 15 July 2013. Posted in Life in the +852

New to the concept of hiring a helper? Yvonne Heavyside of The Family Zone shares some essential tips to help you find the right helper for your family.

The first thing you need to establish is what kind of helper you are looking for. Would you prefer someone who has masses of experience caring for children, or do you want someone with little or no experience, but can be trained to do things to your own preferences? There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

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